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Protect Your Home or Business’ Exterior with Our Help

Besides adding more curb appeal to your home or business, adding a fresh coat of exterior paint also helps you prevent the effects of decay and weather-related damages over time. New advances in paint technology have made products that are more resistant to moisture, dust, and even stains possible. When you want experienced exterior painters in Guelph and the Tri-Cities area, look no further than Kienapple Bros. Painting. We’re familiar with many different types of surface areas and painting techniques to offer you some of the best exterior painting services your hard-earned money can buy. Using higher-quality paint will ensure you will need to paint the exterior of your home or business less frequently over the years.

We Thoroughly Prep Your Landscaping before Painting

When you contact us for a free estimate on exterior painting services in the Guelph area, we’ll provide you with a detailed one so that we can make sure it works within your budget. You can rest assured we’ll thoroughly prep the landscaping around the area you wish us to paint, covering up any bushes, vegetation, or outdoor furniture you may have to ensure their protection from paint damages. We’ll also thoroughly clean up after the job to ensure your complete satisfaction with our professionalism and attention to detail. Contact Kienapple Bros. Painting today to request a free estimate on your next exterior project, and let’s get painting!

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